Saturday, June 11, 2005

wogboy in greektown

i flew into athens and made my way to the hostel via the train. when i got there i met most of the people who were going on my greek island trip. i could tell right away that two of the chicks on the trip i was not going to be able to stand this one red head and her portly sidekick with the most annoying laugh known to man. the first day we went to mykanos and kicked it on the beach until nightfall and then scored a bottle of the local brandy called mataxa. i still remember my first sip of the stuff made me pucker like there was no tomorrow. but after a while i became accustomed to the stuff. the next island we went to was paros. it was a very nice and quaint island. there were far less people here than mykanos and the place we stayed at, i think it was called 'coral rooms' was awsome. we took a water taxi to this tiny beach about 15 minutes away from town. the water was clear as ice and was extremely shallow way far out into the water. after paros i decided that i wanted to get away from the group so i went with dave, this guy who kind of tagged along on our trip to santorini. we had heard all sorts of hype about santorini, but none of it seem to materialize when we got there. we had one of our worst meals at this resteraunt the the guid on our tour recammended. dave had chicken sovlaky wrapped in bacon whch was pretty much five 1/2 pices of chicken wraped in a long strip of non fully cooked bacon. i had a chicken fillet that tasted like it was dipped into a vat of bacon greese because they cooked it right next to daves dish. after that nasty ass dinner we went to the corner store and picked up another bottle of mataxa and proceeded to consume a good portion of the bottle and headed down to 'the full moon bar.' we talked to the bartender for a while who happended to be from canada and after i was a bit tipsy proceeded to hit on some aussie girls who were there. the following day we took a boad tour around the smaller islands of santorini. first we stopped at the volcano that erupted to form santorini. it was alright, you could feel the heat eminatning from the ground. everything was black from the ash. next we stopped at this small island for lunch. there was a very small town built on the top of this extreme cliff that we climbed via a cobble stone road that had man switchbacks. some people chose to ride donkey's to the top which was kind of funny. one of the bastards nearly stepped on my food when they were turninig around to go back down the mountain. the last place we stopped at was called ia and was again a town atop a steep cliff that we had to climb. this place was like the beverly hills of the greek islands. there were a bunch of botiques with jewlery and expensive glass vases and things of that nature for outragous prices. the following morning we took our 9 1/2 ferry ride back to the mainland, which could have been pretty grewling, but luckily we scored a big circular booth for dave and i. when we got to port in athens we tried to find out if there were any cheap hotels near the airport because we were flying out for rome early in the morning. obtaining this relatively simple information proved to be much more difficult than we imagined. we stopped at 5 or 6 travel agents and they did not know or were not willing to help us. then we tried finding an internet cafe so we could look it up ourself. eventually after walking around for half an hour we found one and found out that there was only one hotel near the airport and it was hela bank, so we went to the hostel we had booked previously. when we got there i tried to do a load of laundry which cost me £10 wihch is like $12.50 and it did not even get my clothes clean. i was pissed off. anyways we woke up early and went to the airport. it was wierd there was no passoport control or customs there. my flight got delayed and once i got to rome my bags took forever to come off the conveyor belt, but eventually did.


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