Sunday, June 19, 2005

walking photos

hey i'm posting once again in 24 hours, oh the joys of free internet. i've also discovered this particular computer has a normal keyboard with 's even though the key is mislabled with an 'a with an accent over it.' so for this post i can use contractions, yay!!! i spent three or four hours today walking around rome by myself because dave was way too hung over from last night. i have to say it was nice to have some alone time and walk at my own pace [those of you that know me, it's a very leasurly strole]. i'd stope periodically to take a photo of somthing that was out of the ordinary. i thihk i'm starting ot get the hang of photography. i see all these tourists just shooting this boring crap like monuments or historical sites. i think the best photos are of subjects one doesn't normally pay attention to but are visually stimulating. anyways, i took a lot of photos today and i'm pretty happy with them. i'll post them when i get back to the us.

tonight i'm flying back to athens where i'm going to be spending a few days before i head back to heebtown and home, sweet home. yay!!!

catch you all on the flip side


sachinator X


Blogger 6Q said...

sweet dude! i always take photos of random things at random angles... well, these days i mostly take photos of random drunk people. but i can't wait to see them - let me know if and what you want posted up on the gallery.

seems like you've been traveling for ages now! i'm sure you'll have many a story to tell... talk to you later!

12:22 PM  

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