Saturday, June 18, 2005

a solid shit never felt so good...

so we just got off the train back in rome after spending a few nights in sinky venice and quaint little florence. we started our travel to venice via a six hour night train. before boarding the half an hour late train we meet this little indian kid who was a bit of a genius (he was getting his phd in theoretical physics) anyways he joined us in our cabin. shortly after we sat down a somewhat shadey italian charicter also sat in the empty seat infront of me. dave, the indian kid, and i all passed out because it was like 1;30 in the morning. when i came to, the indian guy was bouncing off the walls and franticly saying where is my bag (he had it underneath his seat by the window). after looking around the cabin i noticed a bag out in the hallway and asked if it was his, sure enough it was. he searched it and his camera had been stolen by the italian dude. i am so glad that dave had his hand on both of our bags.

when we got to vennice we went to the campsite where we were staying via two public busses which was not too bad. after a nap we headed into the city for a look see. right away we spotted a resteraunt called 'pizza kabab' and since both of us had not had any version of a kabab since greece we figured we try one out. it tasted great but my stomach still was mad at my ass for eating italian sausage a few days earlier and i got the shitty shits again which ruined the whole day for me. i had to run around frantically to three different resteraunts looking for a bathroom to go in. the first two had no toilet seats, and the second one was only about four inches off the ground. i do not understand what europe had against toilet seats. the toiltets i used had hinges for a seat but they were removed for some unknown reason except to piss of travelers like myself who are it utter needer of a safe place to park their ass. that was pretty much my impression of vennice, their toilets and the fact that all the canals smell like shit.

florence was a much nicer city and probably my favorite of the three citys i visited in italy. the campsite we stayed at was on top of this large hill so we had a gorgous view of the city from the beergarden. we met these two kids from san diego and hung out with them the couple days we stayed there. we went to the ufuzi museum which was an utter waste of time and money. there were all these paintings of jesus, and mary and angels and stuff, which all looked the same to me. there were some people who waited three hours to get in the musium, thank god we did not. we made a reservation the day before. in front of the museum was this creapy dude who was made up to look like the mona lisa. his head protruded from a fake painting and he had a fake pair of breasts to go along with the costume.

someone has been waiting for a computer for a while so i am goign to get off for now. laters



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