Sunday, June 12, 2005

pasta and bad italian sausage

so after touching down in the rome airpot i proceeded to the train station ticket window. once i got to the front of hte line i told the lady that i wanted to go to roma termini she responded by saying terni? thinking that i had misspronounced the name of the station i said yes. she said that it would be 12 euro which is prety damn expensive, i gave her a 20 and she tried ot give me change in 50 cent coins. i told hre that i wanted a bill and she got mad but gave me a 5 euro bill and a few 50 cent coins. i took my tickets and change and started to head ot the train and the realized that she had not given me all my change. i went back to the window and told her she had given me the incorrect change. she proceeded to yell at me in italian and i shouted back. at this point i lost it and just left because there wsa a long line of people trying to buy tickets. i boarded the train on the centre platform still fuming mad. talked to this japanese lady who sadi that the ticket lady had sold me an additional ticket that i did not need which must have occured when she thought i misspronounced the station i wanted to go to. aftre calming myself down i realized that i had not validated my 9.50 euro ticket from the airort to the central bus station so i would be able to use it on the way back to the airport so it all evened itself out.

i met up with dave at the hostel and walked around the city for a while in search of gelato because he had never had some before. we found a nice place that gave us two flavors on a cone for 2 euro. i got melon and lemon. aftre that we went to the supermarket and bought some fresh pasta tomato sausce and italian sausage. when we got back to the hostle we cooked up so much food that we did not think that we would be able to eat it all but in the end we surprised ourselves and cleaned off our plates. it was one of the best meals i had on the trip, however a few hours later i was not feeling too well. the greasy italian sausage did not agree with my stomach and i would be feeling the after effects 48 hours later. the next morning we had planned on doing a walking tour around the city but when we got to the meeting point they cancled the tour because we were the only ones that showed up and also because the tour guide lady had nearly lost her voice. instead we took a bus to the collesume and checked that out. it was pretty impressive from the street but when we went inside it was jammed packed with tourists and i could not wait to get out of there. i went to the bathroom and when i came out dave was gone so i just headed back to the hostel and chilled out there for a while. today, sunday june 12 we had another lazy day adn went to the park. i had been missing grass a lot since i started my trip, i had not seen any in israel or greece because water was so scarce that they did not have enough to water lawns. we layed down on the grass at the park for a few hours and then walked back to the hostel which is where i am writing this down for your. in a few hours we will be taking the night train to vennace which should hopefully be fun.




Blogger Alex said...

Mmm.... snausages... Anyhow, if you thought the Colisieum was crowded with tourists, wait till you get to Venice! The only non tourists I saw there were some orthodox heebs praying in the old Jewish quarter, which was pretty cool. Check out the bling inside St. Mark's Cathedral, and try to find that library from Indian Jones 3. Oh, PS, you should allow anonymous comments on your blog.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Dude_Here said...

You should talk more about all the european women. That way we could all live vicariously through you and your single ass traveling through the Old World. Oh, and for added fun you should tell everyone you are the long lost grandson of Archbishop Marian Oles. For some reason people have found my pope website looking for that guy so I gather he must be some big fucker in that part of the catholic world.

7:16 PM  

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