Friday, June 10, 2005

heebtown recap

ok, i know that i said that i would start a blog during my trip to israel, greece, and now italy and have yet to take any action primarily do to the fact that i am a bit lazy and because i-net time cost cash. now i am staying in a hostel in rome that happens to have free internet so here i am. if you have noticed i have not been and will not be using contractions because well this keyboard does not seem to have an apostrphe. weird huh? how do they get along in europe with out appostrophes? it makes so much easier and saves time. anyways, i am going to try and cover an over all recap of the events and places i have experienced while on this trip for and myself because i see all these travelers with journals and i have none, so this is my half assed attempt at it. here we go -

israel - we got off the el al plane after 17 hours with a brief stop in toronto for refueling and to pick up a bunch of cunucks on their own birthright trip. after we went through customs and them grilling the hell out of me because i have an arabic sounding last name we got on the tour bus around 4 am. a man with yamika boards the bus and asks anyone if they would like to exchange money (typical jewish banker guy, ironical). everyone on the bus is beat and thinking that we are going to go to the hotel to crash for a few hours but there was none of that. we started going around the old city of jerusalem and i was so tired that i passed out whenever the group would make a stop to discribe some historical landmark. that was day one.

i do not want to get too detailed here so i am just going to put down the highlights of what i remember because this was like three weeks ago for me which feels like nine months.

the next couple days we went on a couple hikes and saw some historical stuff. the one activity that stuck with me was climbing mount massada. it was this 45 minute hike up a enormous mountain that we started at like 5 in the mourning so we could be at the top when the sun would rise. there was airforce unit at the top performing some sort of graduation cerimony and at the end two jets flew overhead. the next day we went to this bedawin tent camp and got pretty inibriated after dinner. a few days later we went down the jordan river in a kyak which was pretty sweet, but a little bit too short in my opinion. there was a basketball stadium across the street from where returned the kyaks and there was a professional level israel basketbal game about to start. one of the guys on my trip who went to msu recognized a few of the players as being on the msu basket ball team in previous years which was pretty cool. a few more days passed without major consiquence and then most of the kids on the trip went back to the states.

i extended my stay and decided to go down to elait a sort of vegas on the beach. elait was not really my bag, it was way, way too hot for me (you would start sweating about 5 minutes after you were outside) and the only thing that i did which was kinda cool was go snorkeling. once i had my short fill of elait i went back to tel aviv which i have to say was much cooler. i met these two guys that were a blast to hang out with. one dude was from the french quarter of sweeden and was constantly cracking me up sining these random songs ('tout, tout, tout les famme sont belle')and teling us stories of sweeden. the other guy was a canuk and i did not realize this until the last day of hanign out with the guy but he was pretty into jesus which was wierd because he came out drinking with us. after a couple days hanging with kids i had to get up at 4 am to catch my flight to greece.


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