Sunday, June 19, 2005

just eat my money, why don't you?

damn! i can't stand it when other people's incompetance cause me to spend tons of money i don't have. my flight from rome to athens got delayed over an hour and thus arrived in athens after the metro closed so i had to take the suburban train from the airport and then a cab to the hostel. the cab driver was a total fucker too. he was listening to some arabic radio station or something and when it came for me to pay he charged me twice what it should have been (i asked one of the locals what a resonable fair would be). The topper though was when i gave him my money to pay he claimed he didn't have the right change and ripped me off more. fuck! all these bastards are eating my money. i can't wait to get home.

when i got to the hostel it was 1:30 in the a.m. and the only bed left was a top bunk that had no reinforcement beams, so if i moved a tiny amount it would feel like i was on the titanic. i toss and turn a lot in my sleep so this made the night interesting as i nearly fell off. my bed at home is going to be so nice and compfy with it's soft eggcarton and massive space, i can't wait. matt, i hope you're taking good care of it.

i'm not sure what i'm going to do today. probably just walk around athens, like i did in rome yesterday and check it all out. i didn't really have much of a chance to see the city when i had come last time on my way to the greek islands.

well, later kids.



walking photos

hey i'm posting once again in 24 hours, oh the joys of free internet. i've also discovered this particular computer has a normal keyboard with 's even though the key is mislabled with an 'a with an accent over it.' so for this post i can use contractions, yay!!! i spent three or four hours today walking around rome by myself because dave was way too hung over from last night. i have to say it was nice to have some alone time and walk at my own pace [those of you that know me, it's a very leasurly strole]. i'd stope periodically to take a photo of somthing that was out of the ordinary. i thihk i'm starting ot get the hang of photography. i see all these tourists just shooting this boring crap like monuments or historical sites. i think the best photos are of subjects one doesn't normally pay attention to but are visually stimulating. anyways, i took a lot of photos today and i'm pretty happy with them. i'll post them when i get back to the us.

tonight i'm flying back to athens where i'm going to be spending a few days before i head back to heebtown and home, sweet home. yay!!!

catch you all on the flip side


sachinator X

Saturday, June 18, 2005

a solid shit never felt so good...

so we just got off the train back in rome after spending a few nights in sinky venice and quaint little florence. we started our travel to venice via a six hour night train. before boarding the half an hour late train we meet this little indian kid who was a bit of a genius (he was getting his phd in theoretical physics) anyways he joined us in our cabin. shortly after we sat down a somewhat shadey italian charicter also sat in the empty seat infront of me. dave, the indian kid, and i all passed out because it was like 1;30 in the morning. when i came to, the indian guy was bouncing off the walls and franticly saying where is my bag (he had it underneath his seat by the window). after looking around the cabin i noticed a bag out in the hallway and asked if it was his, sure enough it was. he searched it and his camera had been stolen by the italian dude. i am so glad that dave had his hand on both of our bags.

when we got to vennice we went to the campsite where we were staying via two public busses which was not too bad. after a nap we headed into the city for a look see. right away we spotted a resteraunt called 'pizza kabab' and since both of us had not had any version of a kabab since greece we figured we try one out. it tasted great but my stomach still was mad at my ass for eating italian sausage a few days earlier and i got the shitty shits again which ruined the whole day for me. i had to run around frantically to three different resteraunts looking for a bathroom to go in. the first two had no toilet seats, and the second one was only about four inches off the ground. i do not understand what europe had against toilet seats. the toiltets i used had hinges for a seat but they were removed for some unknown reason except to piss of travelers like myself who are it utter needer of a safe place to park their ass. that was pretty much my impression of vennice, their toilets and the fact that all the canals smell like shit.

florence was a much nicer city and probably my favorite of the three citys i visited in italy. the campsite we stayed at was on top of this large hill so we had a gorgous view of the city from the beergarden. we met these two kids from san diego and hung out with them the couple days we stayed there. we went to the ufuzi museum which was an utter waste of time and money. there were all these paintings of jesus, and mary and angels and stuff, which all looked the same to me. there were some people who waited three hours to get in the musium, thank god we did not. we made a reservation the day before. in front of the museum was this creapy dude who was made up to look like the mona lisa. his head protruded from a fake painting and he had a fake pair of breasts to go along with the costume.

someone has been waiting for a computer for a while so i am goign to get off for now. laters


Sunday, June 12, 2005

pasta and bad italian sausage

so after touching down in the rome airpot i proceeded to the train station ticket window. once i got to the front of hte line i told the lady that i wanted to go to roma termini she responded by saying terni? thinking that i had misspronounced the name of the station i said yes. she said that it would be 12 euro which is prety damn expensive, i gave her a 20 and she tried ot give me change in 50 cent coins. i told hre that i wanted a bill and she got mad but gave me a 5 euro bill and a few 50 cent coins. i took my tickets and change and started to head ot the train and the realized that she had not given me all my change. i went back to the window and told her she had given me the incorrect change. she proceeded to yell at me in italian and i shouted back. at this point i lost it and just left because there wsa a long line of people trying to buy tickets. i boarded the train on the centre platform still fuming mad. talked to this japanese lady who sadi that the ticket lady had sold me an additional ticket that i did not need which must have occured when she thought i misspronounced the station i wanted to go to. aftre calming myself down i realized that i had not validated my 9.50 euro ticket from the airort to the central bus station so i would be able to use it on the way back to the airport so it all evened itself out.

i met up with dave at the hostel and walked around the city for a while in search of gelato because he had never had some before. we found a nice place that gave us two flavors on a cone for 2 euro. i got melon and lemon. aftre that we went to the supermarket and bought some fresh pasta tomato sausce and italian sausage. when we got back to the hostle we cooked up so much food that we did not think that we would be able to eat it all but in the end we surprised ourselves and cleaned off our plates. it was one of the best meals i had on the trip, however a few hours later i was not feeling too well. the greasy italian sausage did not agree with my stomach and i would be feeling the after effects 48 hours later. the next morning we had planned on doing a walking tour around the city but when we got to the meeting point they cancled the tour because we were the only ones that showed up and also because the tour guide lady had nearly lost her voice. instead we took a bus to the collesume and checked that out. it was pretty impressive from the street but when we went inside it was jammed packed with tourists and i could not wait to get out of there. i went to the bathroom and when i came out dave was gone so i just headed back to the hostel and chilled out there for a while. today, sunday june 12 we had another lazy day adn went to the park. i had been missing grass a lot since i started my trip, i had not seen any in israel or greece because water was so scarce that they did not have enough to water lawns. we layed down on the grass at the park for a few hours and then walked back to the hostel which is where i am writing this down for your. in a few hours we will be taking the night train to vennace which should hopefully be fun.



Saturday, June 11, 2005

wogboy in greektown

i flew into athens and made my way to the hostel via the train. when i got there i met most of the people who were going on my greek island trip. i could tell right away that two of the chicks on the trip i was not going to be able to stand this one red head and her portly sidekick with the most annoying laugh known to man. the first day we went to mykanos and kicked it on the beach until nightfall and then scored a bottle of the local brandy called mataxa. i still remember my first sip of the stuff made me pucker like there was no tomorrow. but after a while i became accustomed to the stuff. the next island we went to was paros. it was a very nice and quaint island. there were far less people here than mykanos and the place we stayed at, i think it was called 'coral rooms' was awsome. we took a water taxi to this tiny beach about 15 minutes away from town. the water was clear as ice and was extremely shallow way far out into the water. after paros i decided that i wanted to get away from the group so i went with dave, this guy who kind of tagged along on our trip to santorini. we had heard all sorts of hype about santorini, but none of it seem to materialize when we got there. we had one of our worst meals at this resteraunt the the guid on our tour recammended. dave had chicken sovlaky wrapped in bacon whch was pretty much five 1/2 pices of chicken wraped in a long strip of non fully cooked bacon. i had a chicken fillet that tasted like it was dipped into a vat of bacon greese because they cooked it right next to daves dish. after that nasty ass dinner we went to the corner store and picked up another bottle of mataxa and proceeded to consume a good portion of the bottle and headed down to 'the full moon bar.' we talked to the bartender for a while who happended to be from canada and after i was a bit tipsy proceeded to hit on some aussie girls who were there. the following day we took a boad tour around the smaller islands of santorini. first we stopped at the volcano that erupted to form santorini. it was alright, you could feel the heat eminatning from the ground. everything was black from the ash. next we stopped at this small island for lunch. there was a very small town built on the top of this extreme cliff that we climbed via a cobble stone road that had man switchbacks. some people chose to ride donkey's to the top which was kind of funny. one of the bastards nearly stepped on my food when they were turninig around to go back down the mountain. the last place we stopped at was called ia and was again a town atop a steep cliff that we had to climb. this place was like the beverly hills of the greek islands. there were a bunch of botiques with jewlery and expensive glass vases and things of that nature for outragous prices. the following morning we took our 9 1/2 ferry ride back to the mainland, which could have been pretty grewling, but luckily we scored a big circular booth for dave and i. when we got to port in athens we tried to find out if there were any cheap hotels near the airport because we were flying out for rome early in the morning. obtaining this relatively simple information proved to be much more difficult than we imagined. we stopped at 5 or 6 travel agents and they did not know or were not willing to help us. then we tried finding an internet cafe so we could look it up ourself. eventually after walking around for half an hour we found one and found out that there was only one hotel near the airport and it was hela bank, so we went to the hostel we had booked previously. when we got there i tried to do a load of laundry which cost me £10 wihch is like $12.50 and it did not even get my clothes clean. i was pissed off. anyways we woke up early and went to the airport. it was wierd there was no passoport control or customs there. my flight got delayed and once i got to rome my bags took forever to come off the conveyor belt, but eventually did.

Friday, June 10, 2005

heebtown recap

ok, i know that i said that i would start a blog during my trip to israel, greece, and now italy and have yet to take any action primarily do to the fact that i am a bit lazy and because i-net time cost cash. now i am staying in a hostel in rome that happens to have free internet so here i am. if you have noticed i have not been and will not be using contractions because well this keyboard does not seem to have an apostrphe. weird huh? how do they get along in europe with out appostrophes? it makes so much easier and saves time. anyways, i am going to try and cover an over all recap of the events and places i have experienced while on this trip for and myself because i see all these travelers with journals and i have none, so this is my half assed attempt at it. here we go -

israel - we got off the el al plane after 17 hours with a brief stop in toronto for refueling and to pick up a bunch of cunucks on their own birthright trip. after we went through customs and them grilling the hell out of me because i have an arabic sounding last name we got on the tour bus around 4 am. a man with yamika boards the bus and asks anyone if they would like to exchange money (typical jewish banker guy, ironical). everyone on the bus is beat and thinking that we are going to go to the hotel to crash for a few hours but there was none of that. we started going around the old city of jerusalem and i was so tired that i passed out whenever the group would make a stop to discribe some historical landmark. that was day one.

i do not want to get too detailed here so i am just going to put down the highlights of what i remember because this was like three weeks ago for me which feels like nine months.

the next couple days we went on a couple hikes and saw some historical stuff. the one activity that stuck with me was climbing mount massada. it was this 45 minute hike up a enormous mountain that we started at like 5 in the mourning so we could be at the top when the sun would rise. there was airforce unit at the top performing some sort of graduation cerimony and at the end two jets flew overhead. the next day we went to this bedawin tent camp and got pretty inibriated after dinner. a few days later we went down the jordan river in a kyak which was pretty sweet, but a little bit too short in my opinion. there was a basketball stadium across the street from where returned the kyaks and there was a professional level israel basketbal game about to start. one of the guys on my trip who went to msu recognized a few of the players as being on the msu basket ball team in previous years which was pretty cool. a few more days passed without major consiquence and then most of the kids on the trip went back to the states.

i extended my stay and decided to go down to elait a sort of vegas on the beach. elait was not really my bag, it was way, way too hot for me (you would start sweating about 5 minutes after you were outside) and the only thing that i did which was kinda cool was go snorkeling. once i had my short fill of elait i went back to tel aviv which i have to say was much cooler. i met these two guys that were a blast to hang out with. one dude was from the french quarter of sweeden and was constantly cracking me up sining these random songs ('tout, tout, tout les famme sont belle')and teling us stories of sweeden. the other guy was a canuk and i did not realize this until the last day of hanign out with the guy but he was pretty into jesus which was wierd because he came out drinking with us. after a couple days hanging with kids i had to get up at 4 am to catch my flight to greece.